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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 13, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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before we go, we hope you'll set your dvr and record "hannity" the series. start your day with "fox and friends" 5:00 to 9:00. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> jay-z taking some hard knocks from sister. harvey levin, breaking new details right here. also, you won't believe what the "new york times" has done now. senator rand paul takes on the "new york times" then, you without a trace. >> hello again and welcome to american top 40. my name is casey kasem and i'm ready to countdown the most popular songs in the nation. >> the legendary disk jockey vanishes. his daughter here to go "on the record" ♪ when i ask you ♪ what i have done ♪ you hit me again ♪ make fun of my mom
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♪ for today. >> he is ruthless, but even simon cowell didn't see this coming ♪ be hopeful ♪ and he will make a way. >> a performance you just can't miss. get ready for a jam-packed "on the record." ♪ up first the surveillance video that no one can stop watching. beyonce and jay-z and beyonce's sister so los solange. what set off beyonce's sister for all the latest tmz news director mike joins us. have you been able to pry out of that elevator any information as to what in the world went down inside there? >> well, we're told that basically solange was talking about something that jay-z was upset about and he was telling her to basically relax. now, i have to tell you, the reason i'm here and harvey was going to come talk to you guys is because we are breaking a big story about
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this video and this case as we speak at trying to get the story up on the site. basically what i can tell you right now is it looks like whatever happened that elevator was not a he prolonged gigantic fight, which you think it would be. they are not -- still not talking. they are not separated. beyonce and jay-z, solange, it seems, we're being told, can i hear them talking about it that solange and jay-z are actually okay. they might even be together as we speak. so it seems this looks really violent and really horrible, but we know that beyonce and jay-z went to the nets game together. they are fine as of yesterday. right now as we speak, solange and jay-z is okay. whatever the fight was about, wasn't serious enough to cause a rift between this family for good or even for a day or so after this video was released. >> you know, mike, it it is still pretty bizarre. i have got a brother-in-law. my brother-in-law hasn't
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said anything. makes me want to start kicking and hitting him like that. >> absolutely. >> what -- any idea what jay-z had said or what the sister-in-law reacted to? >> i request tell you like i said these three people are the most tight lipped people in this business and the people around them. what little do i know is whatever happened outside of that elevator door, jay-z wanted to get out of there. he wanted to leave the net ball. he wanted to get beyonce and her sister out of there and the reaction started because solange didn't like being ordered around. i don't know exactly how it started about but i know how it ended. beyonce leaves with her sister and goes somewhere and jay-z goes the other direction. we're told obviously it wasn't horrible enough that all these three are not talking to each other. we're literally publishing this story right now behind me. that solange and jay-z have
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been together today, which blows my mind i didn't believe that these two after this fight are hanging out at all. >> i don't like to be ordered around either. and i still don't do those things to my brother-in-law or anybody else. >> i agree. i'm sort of team jay-z on this. from the video, we can't hear what's going on inside. he looks quite restrained. he doesn't reacted to her. i'm curious. how much alcohol is involved? did shy have something to drink? is that why she appears to have a rather short fuse? >> you know, it's interesting you say that we didn't even publish the story on this. but i will tell you i made 100 phone calls on this story in the last day and a half. one of the things i was told the actual security for the hotel, the incident that you are looking at, there isn't an actual written narrative of what happened because when we asked security and people at the hotel, you know, what does it say in the report about this, about what happened? they said one of the parties was intoxicated so they
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decided not to take a report. in other words somebody, my guess is solange, i don't want to say that on the record. somebody in the elevator was intoxicated and they decided that once they dealt with it and the people left, it wasn't worthy to write up a full report about. so, i'm on -- you know, the same vein here that you are. that probably somebody was intoxicated and that's why this went as viral as it ask. >> somebody looks pretty obvious to me. is that security guard of the hotel or their personal security guards? >> that is beyonce and jay-z's personal body guard. it's almost -- it's really interesting, actually, when you watch it, at first is he trying -- if that were security, they would have just tackled her. but because it's somebody in the family. is he trying to hold her back but not totally restrain her and take her to the ground. if that were hotel security.
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that's protocol when something like that is happening go to the ground. put their hands behind their back or restrain them. can you tell this body guard has been around this family long enough to know just try to stop this from happening but don't overreact. and the body guard and we have some people on tmz live today why didn't the body guard stop this earlier. i think he is because is he beyonce and jay-z's body guard. he has to watch what he does to keep his job to make sure he doesn't overreact. >> in addition to me thinking that jay-z looks quite restrained on, this beyonce posted something also quite calm on her inis a gram today, i assume you saw that in the last day or so? >> greta, i'm hearing something right behind me, go ahead. >> jay-z and solange were together at a jewelry store today in new york city, which is bizarre when you are watching the video you are right now on the television show, and the way this went down i think five or six days ago. the fact that these two were
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actually together today in new york city and walking around inside of a store together is mind-blowing that whatever the argument was, i think it's more evidence, whatever this argument was between these two and it got that physically violent that it isn't something that tort the family apart that she is now not talking to jay-z or not talking to her sister and totally separated. they were literally together today we are publishing it on right now. >> do you want me to jump in real quick, mike? >> sure. >> you stay right there. >> i have a special guest. >> i don't know if you can hear me, greta. i apologize. of we just put it up on the web site. they were in a store called mr. flawless. and they were in the store. they were looking for women's jewelry together. they were totally cool. they were working with the owner there was no strife, nothing like that. they were there for 20 minutes and he they just left. public, whether this is just a public show where it's trying to manipulate the
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media or not, i can't tell you. they were in the store and very cool with each other. i apologize, greta but i literally just put it on. >> i hope they were in the men's side of the jewelry store because he ought to be buying him something. >> she ought to be buying him stuff. >> they were on the women's side. >> okay, greta. >> thank you. mike and harvey, thank you both. >> go to tmz for more. thank you both. >> and the security video of the elevator attack, obviously leaked from the standard hotel which is typically a celebrity-friendly hotel in new york. the standard says it is investigating the security breach. could the hotel be held responsible for the leak? joining us our legal panel gloria allred and defense lawyer ted williams here in washington. first to you, gloria because i haven't seen you for so long. what do you make of this? somebody leaked that video. >> absolutely. the hotel would be the only one who would have that video, greta.
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and i think there is a possible cause of action for invasion of privacy i also for commercial exploitation of the images in that elevator. after all, the occupy pans of the elevator might have reasonable expectation that the hotel would have a security camera in the elevator but they should have no expectation that whatever is obtained by the hotel on the security video would be published worldwide and would be broadcast. >> ted, this video is incredible that it leaked. >> it certainly is. but i could not agree with gloria in regards to this. i don't think that they have any reasonable expectation of privacy. the fact about it is this was a hotel. it was a public elevator that they were on the fact about it is solange, i must say, acted certainly out of
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the ordinary, but as to whether or not weather there is expectation of privacy, no, now there may be something here, greta. that is that the state of new york, or the city of new york could bring criminal charges as a result of this video against solange. >> you know, gloria, i don't know about you. but jay-z, i think this video is great. it's a twist away. great p.r. i think he shows enormous restraint. she looks to me to be intoxicated or i don't know or something. she looks to me shah she is the aggressor. is he actually very restrained. you know, he doesn't even try to defend himself. i agree with you, greta. by the way, i would also like to comment that, ted, you should know, and i'm sure you do know that there could be both a civil case and a criminal prosecution and even the hotel in a public statement about this
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incident has said we are investigating with the utmost urgency of the circumstances surrounding the situation and as it is our customary practice will discipline and prosecute the individuals involved to our full capacity. >> gloria, i'm sure you are aware the hotel is not in the business of prosecution. it's the city of new york that would be the prosecutor in regards to that. >> maybe the employee stole the videotape from the hotel. stealing, there may be a prosecution that way. >> they can prosecute on that basis as to whether jars has a civil lawsuit, there is not a reasonable expectation of privacy. i don't think he does. >> chances are the person he would be sue something solange and she doesn't have any money compared to him. not going to be suing they could sue the hotel or try to settle it without a lawsuit. they may decide it's not worthwhile that they are not going to do either. these are their options.
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>> gloria, don't you think that jay-z want this to go away fast? in regards to him to bring a lawsuit in regards to this would open a can of worms. he has to look out for the fact that solange could be criminally prosecuted if new york wants to do so. >> i think this one goes away. everyone go to his own corner, even if it's a corner of an elevator and not a ring. gloria, always nice to see you. haven't seen you in a while. thank you gloria, too. >> thank you. >> while the list is growing, first, women's right activists her is hershey alli and then condoleezza rice and christine legard. are commencement speakers afraid to speak, even bullied? former congressman allen west joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> good to see you, greta. >> what do you make of the fact that christine will he
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guard legard the head much the imf she just pulls out? >> i think what you have is the adults of the college administrations are really not in charge of these colleges anymore. >> when you see small little groups of let's call it what it is fascist students who are not willing to have the intellectual discourse not willing to listen to any other insights to what they believe is important or what they believe is the right april and solutions critical thinkers and go out and make proper assessment and analysis of situation bias listening to both sides. recently i was up at depaul university in chicago to talk about middle east israeli situation. and there were about 30 students and i knew they were the pro-palestinian side that were sitting there. and i thought that maybe perhaps we would finally have that important discussion about 15 minutes into it. they obviously had set their
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watches and they all stood up and walked out. i really thought that was more so cowardly because they did not want to have the exchange. >> you know what? i have been fortunate enough and been in north korea three times as a practicing lawyer i represented demonstrators at the white house going back decades. i'm a big, i love protests it sets us apart from other nations and i love them. however, i think the university students are making a big mistake on this. you do that because you enjoy being there with the students. having the exchange of talk, meeting them on this big day. it's something that i'm actually surprised. and it's not just the students. a lot of the faculty members are joining in. they don't want the domestic die
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opinion. >> i remember seeing the video of general petraeus being viciously harassed by students up there in new york city as he was going to, you know, prepare to give his lecture. you think about a person like general petraeus the sacrifice he gave in his life and almost losing his life as commander in fort campbell kentucky. have students egged on by a very radical professor there at the school that wanted to taunt him. and that's not really training and teaching our kids to be the next generation of leaders. that's just teaching the next generation of radicals and protesters. i think it's important that we have free speech and free expression. we can't have one singular direction. >> i'm not so sure what's going on now why anyone would volunteer or accept a graduation speech because if you have gotten certain part -- certain stage of your life if have you ever been part of some controversy, i don't know, you are always going to find detractors, anyway, it's disappointing that we have now sort of try to shut down
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different viewpoints but i do love protests. congressman, i'm taking -- >> -- it's very disappointing but i think we need to have the adults step up and take charge. that means the college presidents and the board of trustees. >> don't hold your breath. congressman, nice to see you, sir. >> i won't. >> i don't think that's happening soon. america's most famous dj everybody knows him. disappears. casey kasem vanished. asking your help to find him. his daughter is here next. you haven't seen anything like this since susan boyle dreamed a dream. you have to see the new singing sensations that cars are driven by people. they're why we innovate. they're who we protect. they're why we make life less complicated. it's about people.
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this is a fox news alert. the hunt is on right now to track down world famous dj casey kasem. vanishing from a california hospital. even his observe children can't find him. for the very latest esenior correspondent and timken baker joins us. ken, what is the latest? >> the latest unfortunately for the fans and family of casey kasem is that he is still missing. authorities aren't revealing to the media, at least, the whereabouts if they know of where casey is yesterday a superior court judge out here in los angeles granted a temporary conservativeship to casey kasem's daughter. the wife who been functioning to casey kasem ailing from advanced form of dementia for several years, the judge ruled that the actual conservativeship would now be in the hands of the daughter. that's something she had been fighting for for a very long time. the judge authored ordered authorities to find out
11:21 pm
where casey kasem is. he is believed to have been removed from the country without the knowledge of the rest of the family the attorney for casey kasem's life said he didn't know where casey kasem was. that set off the judge and made him have this extraordinary ruling yesterday to go find casey kasem. >> this dispute within the family? because that seems rather unusual secondly is why did the wife lose -- why did she losed conservativeship? >> it turns out prior to casey kasem's retirement in 2009, he had actually signed over paperwork that said in the event that he could not handle his observe affairs that his daughters could do it. well, that -- a previous judge ignored that this judge said we are going to uphold that at least temporarily. until june 20th, the daughter carrie does have conservativeship and just got access to the health records and all of the affairs for her father
11:22 pm
essentially making the wife legally have no say over anything that has to do with casey's condition or his care. >> ken, thank you. and casey kasem's own children desperately trying to find their 82-year-old father. now a california judge as ken noteside naming casey's daughter carrie. carrie casey joins us. nice to see you. >> nice to see you too, greta. >> you have no idea where your father is? >> that's right. i mean, we have had tips here and there. we had one of jean's own family members say they overheard a conversation saying she was going to try to get him on to an indian reservation and possibly out of the country after that. >> if you are the conservator and you have lawful authority and apparently you do. a judge has given it to you. are you -- do you intend to bring the mother in to court and have the judge order, direct her to provide
11:23 pm
information as to where your essentially ward is, which is your father? >> i think they are on the run together. we can't find anybody nobody is answering the phones, the door, the gate shim sure though that we are going to find them. >> what's your relationship with your stepmother? not good i can see that tell me what happened? >> there is no relationship from a very young age it was very clear she didn't want us around there were things that she did that we kept asking our father why. we didn't understand the things she was -- like, for instance, my father and owe we would all be in a room together. my father would walk out. when my father would walk back in jean would say we did something to her. things like that that were unexplainable. i can go on and on and on. the point and the reason why i'm on this show. >> what, greta? >> yes. go ahead, i'm sorry.
11:24 pm
>> the reason is because i am trying desperately to try to find my dad. if anybody out there has seen him. maybe it knows his whereabouts. or has heard police call -- please call the press. last time did i one day of press and i was out. i have to find my dad. he is he very ill. and being moved across state lines or wherever he is, this is not good for his health. >> when was the last time you saw him and what was his condition? i mean, does he communicate? i don't even know his medical condition. >> he, the last time i saw him, was may 6th. we actually got into the facility that he was being held at we got. in the visit was phenomenal. he was alert. he was awake. he said i love you a few times to my sister, to me. he talked to my brother in singapore. he has a very very hard time talking. it's very hard. sometimes he can get some words out. but he had a smile on his face the entire time when we
11:25 pm
told him, you know, dad, we're going to be back. he said when. we said real soon. a few hours later he was snatched from the facility that he was being stayed at without a doctor's order. while without any kind of transfer order he was not transported properly either. >> why was -- i take it that his wife, your stepmother, took him, i mean, that's just my guess, i don't know that to be true. why didn't she just want to leave him there so that she could visit him and you could visited him? >> i don't know. my personal opinion, this is just my opinion i think she needs some help. some -- i really feel like not only do does my father need help for his condition she needs help. because we don't understand what's going on. we have told her time and time again if it's about the money, take the money, take the house. we won't contest the house. have it awesome give us our
11:26 pm
dad back. she won't do it. we won't understand what she wants. >> she younger for father and good physical health, right? >> that's right. so, i mean he is not able enough if he he gets some place that he can make a phone call back, right? >>. no is he not able to really use his arms and, you know, he couldn't do that he could hear us if we were to, you know, this is the one thing why terrible isolation is all his phones were ripped out a couple years ago. he wasn't able to talk to anybody on the phone even if there was a caretaker up to his ear, that wasn't, you know, he wasn't allowed to do that that was, you know, one of the things we let the judge know. >> well, carrie, we have certainly put a lot of pictures up. video of your father and we certainly have been spreading the word through.
11:27 pm
this i hope that, you know, you find your father and that everybody -- you can work this one out. obviously it's a terribly distressful and horrible situation. but good luck, carrie. i hope you come back. >> thank you, greta. thank you. >> and up next. senator rand paul, is he taking issue with the "new york times." senator rand paul goes "on the record" next. also, really young musical duo bringing down the house in britain. even simon cowell getting all choked up. and that's not easy. you have to see how they did it coming up.
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snearlt paul taking on the "new york times." senator rand paul did i verges from his party over voter i.d. >> you say one thing goes around a circle and comes back and completely different than what you said. did i say that maybe we shouldn't overemphasize this so much and need to talk about other things to try to attract new people to the party. i grew up in a family where my dad lost an election one time by 200 votes out of
11:32 pm
200,000: i am very aware of voter fraud. i'm aware some people find it it's nefarious that republicans are doing this to suppress the african-american vote. i'm very clear to say that we are not trying to do that i'm trying to restore voting rights for minorities that i think have unfairly had their voting rights taken away. >> how do you reconcile that though? one segment of the population who thinks it is suppressing the vote to show identification. have you got another segment of the population says you don't want to show your driver's license. what are you hiding? we want everyone to be able to vote who is entitled to legally and don't want people to vote twice. >> i think it's a perfect example of the problem republicans have in engage new voters. african-american shorts. there was a time in our history vote was suppressed. actually mostly by democrats back then. for some reason they think
11:33 pm
republicans are a part of this historical suppression of african-american vote. they think this is another ploy. that is the perception. it isn't the truth at all. because it is perceived that way. we need to be aware of people's feelings need. make primary election theme to get voter i.d. not unreasonable thing to ask. make it campaign theme. be aware some people are offended by it i was never saying i was against showing driver's license. some things get distorted sometimes. but really the big message i have been taking around the country is that a lot of people through the war on drugs have had their voting rights taken from them they do something foolish 20 years old. never get to vote again in some states. i actually testified alongside the naacp to try to get people's voting rights back if they committed nonviolent flown. >> how do we make sure that
11:34 pm
people aren't suppressed and we are not terrorizing them by forcing, you know, by almost rolling over them and insisting on identification where it's meant to intimidate them and how do you make sure we don't have voter fraud so we know who is voting? >> it's changing the perception from my point of view as a republican changing perception of who we are as a party. people have to not believe ill of what we are trying to do? how do you do that? >> it comes over time because there is a resistance. i talked to an african-american pastor in mississippi this last weekend. he said my wife ran for state representative and she is african-american also. as a republican i couldn't get any african-americans to vote for her. she couldn't even face to face when they shoe she was also from the same community they lived in and all of this because there is a resistance. there is resistance we have overcome. part of that resistance builds into false perceptions. showing your driver's license has anything racial about it. it is perception. all i'm say something we
11:35 pm
need to be aware of and be conscious of people's feelings or we are never going to get anybody to consider us in the election. >> that may be divergent from some in your party. some in your party aren't talking about perception they are talking voter i.d. >> we shouldn't be tone deaf. that's all i'm saying. it's not unreasonable idea. most of the buildings here in washington you have to show a driver's license. i'm not opposed. not tone deaf it is perceived in some communities as being something nefarious that republicans are doing. we have to change people's perception of us as a party so they will listen more to what we are trying to do. >> some thing think that senator marco rubio may have taken a shot at you today. said something that you shouldn't be running for the senate and president simultaneously. everyone sees as a veiled shot across the bough. >> marco and i are good
11:36 pm
friends. i think i would know if he were taking a shot at me. no matter who runs, i'm a republican who believes in police in commerce with all republicans and i'm going to try to keep it on a high plain. >> you haven't made an admission you are running for president? i didn't walk knew making that admission or denial. >> i haven't decided yet but i'm thinking about it and discussing it with family. we won't make a decision until probably early next year. >> senator, niles to see you. >> thank you. here is what is being hard out right now. huge discovery the santa maria ship is found. world renown explorer believes he found christopher'sship. may have solved a 500-year-old mystery. wow. and trending now, this week from eonline. channing tatum as gamut? he will play the fan favorite in the next x men movie. what do you think of this
11:37 pm
marvel casting move? this all over social media jetway at seattle's airport dropping several feet. passengers flight as jetway collapses. incredible video. luckily no one injured. your turn to hash it out with us. use #greta on all your tweets and posts. u.s. taking on france in 1.6 billion-dollar battle. what sparked this global controversy? lt. colonel oliver north is here to talk about it next. also, move over susan boyle. a new singing duo proving britain's got talent and knocking the socks off simon cowell.
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test test
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more troubles. france has a big contract to sell warships to russia. tonight u.s. is urging france not to sell them to russia. france's response is -- they are ignoring us. france insisting go through with the 1.6 billion-dollar sale that is despite u.s.
11:42 pm
and effort to isolate moscow over the crisis. >> first those ships, amphibious assault ships. >> 16 helicopters each. >> here is what putin doesn't know apparently. pay attention mr. putin. the french navy has not won an engagement at sea battle of york town. >> that's actually -- now i feel better french gratitude, scant. 1976, despite objections from the entire world, france helps baghdad build the reactor that the israelis took out in 1981 in the mid 80's the french engineers design all the highways, air bases and reventments i would be over there and walking through. they were supposed to be prom proof. the french designed them. one jay dam on each one of
11:43 pm
them. all through iraq. number three, theoretically, the french, who did help us, by the way in lebanon back in the 1980s, when we went to get permission to overfly france to attack this terrorist sites with qaddafi, refused it. we had to fly all the way around from england and when they, of course, exhausted we lost an f 111 and the entire crew, two men. look, what we have learned from all of, this greta, is, one, russia's industrial capacity is on the rocks. this contract was left two years ago. the french built a halfway. putin can't build something like this himself. this is not that sophisticate add ship. >> 400 russian sailors will be in france very shortly in june which is 70th anniversary of d-day to train to be on these ships.
11:44 pm
i mean, look, let's face it we sell weapons to people that, you know, we got a little bad history there. we have got germany getting a lot of oil and natural gas from russia. have you got the russian money in the banks in london. i mean everyone has fingerprints. >> sticking a finger in obama's eye just to show they can do it it of course that's the kind ofance has. we have learned, one, putin is leading a hollow country it is losing population every day. number two, their industrial capacity is diminishing. >> so why help them? why continue? because it's france and we know france is unreliable ally. >> germany is buying all their oil and giving them money and london is taking care of all their banking needs. >> europeans can frac like we can. if they have got coal under the ground there somewhere oil and grass under the ground. if they would frac they wouldn't be obligated to russia. >> interesting how france doesn't care. we he have asked them not to make delivery on those ships and they say no. >> no. >> no. anyway. but they do have great food
11:45 pm
and wine. >> they do. >> the reason the british empire grew was this constant quest for good cuisine. >> and on that moat, colonel north, thank you, sir. >> a little military history. let's let all go off-the-record for just a minute. i just completely changed my mind about something. that doesn't happen often. i had thought that the only reason i would ever want to be president of the united states is to be able to fly air force one whenever and wherever i wanted to go but forget ayers one. i completely change my mind. now, the only reason i would ever want to be president of the united states is so that i could have the great honor of bestowing on behalf of the american people the medal of honor on those great heroes. today president obama presented kyle white with the highest medal of honor. deadly ambush in afghanistan in 2007 showing enormous courage and valor under fire sergeant white saved a comrade's life and he rushed back still under fire to help evacuate other wounded
11:46 pm
soldiers. >> without the teams, there could be no medal of honor. that is why i wear this medal for my team. >> can can you imagine being able to bestow that on someone? that just tops all. that is my off-the-record comment tonight. this is a fox news alert. shepard smith is in the fox news deck with breaking news. >> we have very serious news this evening out of san diego where some 20,000 homes have just been ordered evacuated in the san diego area. specifically san diego city and the reason is a wildfire that is absolutely spreading out of control. it's very hot in san diego right now we are approaching 5:00 in the afternoon. it's in the mid 90's there. the winds though, they have been predicting santa ana winds, but the winds are r. at about 5 miles per hour now. now going to get 10 miles per hour right before sun set. but this thing is on the way towards homes right in the city of san diego.
11:47 pm
most of 20,000 homes being order oderderian evacuated are in the city. some are in nearby san diego county. they are being evacuated to tori pines elementary school for those who need it. the evacuation center has been set up there. they are looking at a very very bad afternoon in the area and we will have updates from the news deck as events change. greta back to you. >> shep, thanks. good samaritans or criminals threatening jail time for feeding the homeless. feeding the homeless. you have to hear when folks think about what they get from alaska, feeding the homeless. you have to hear they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country,
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that corporate trial by fire when every slacker gets his due. and yet, there's someone around the office who hasn't had a performance review in a while. someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed.
11:51 pm
see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. police threatening florida couple with jail homeless. they have been giving free meals to homeless people in a florida park. now police say they are breaking the law and chico and debbie hue jimenez. >> how long have you been feeding the homeless in the park. >> about a year, a little over. >> so what happened? >> well, we have been feeding them every week for about a year and giving them clothing and bicycles and everything they need the police have been there many times, never said a word to us.
11:52 pm
last wednesday may 7th they came up there and gave us citations for $373 apiece. >> chico, what did you think when you got the citation? jind why they were giving us a fine for feeding the homeless because we were doing a good deed. >> chico, where could you get the money to feed the homeless and how many people are involved? so we have some idea of the magnitude of this operation? we started feeding 11 people and then it grew to 120. where we got the funds was the lord jesus christ. he fed all people that came out of egypt and they trusted him so we also trusted our lord and savior. and he is the one that supplies all our needs and he is our source and supplier. >> absolutely. >> debbie, what's the plan?
11:53 pm
are you intimidated? are you going to stop doing this because you got those citations or keep going? >> we are not going to get back to the park to feed because we are banned from this but our hope and prayer is that someone will provide us with a building and we can do everything legal whether i permits and, you know, with, you know, a reasonable rent or whatever it takes. we do not want to lose our friends that we have been feeding for all this it time. they are family to us now. >> absolutely. >> it's heart breaking. >> debbie and chico, you know, you might have come to the right spot because you are on tv now. if anyone in that neighborhood where you live or that area has an empty building, you want to feed these people have you been doing this for a year. a great job feeding people, meeting needs. >> thank you. >> i hope everybody is listening up. someone will jump in and help you there has got to be some empty buildings around there debbie and chico,
11:54 pm
thank you and good luck. and i somebody is helping that will help both of you because you have got to feed those people, thank you. >> thank you. god bless you. >> god bless you. >> now, it's time to show what you we are watching. we have not see simon cowell get this choked up since susan boyle first dreamed a dream on britain's got talent but a young musical duo called bars and mellowed mellowed wowed the crowd. >> living from a crowd. yo mr. bully, help me please ♪ accept me please ♪ mr. bully, i don't know what to do ♪ mr. bully, ♪ you put me to my knees. >> yes i am ♪ for today ♪ music and use it ♪ let it take you away ♪ and be hopeful ♪ hopeful ♪ and he will make a way
11:55 pm
♪ i know it ain't easy ♪ but that's okay ♪ oh. >> the teens' duo anti-bullying. the golden buzzer sending him straight to the live show. that's what we are watching tonight. if you want to see more of the video we just showed you go to alec baldwin in hot water again. why did the nypd put the
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
let's speed read the news. a terrifying scene? new hampshire. a police officer responding to a co-mess stick call shot to death at the scene. then the house exploded and the gunman died in the raging fire. in new york alec baldwin arrested. stopped him from riding his bike down the wrong way. he was belligerent and gave the actor two summons. strong gust of winds blows a
12:00 am
bounce house 350 feet in the air. thrown to the ground. two boys severely injured. that's tonight's speed read. go to lots of questions there to tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." has the government invented a lip balm that lets you control your tv remote with your mouth? the story big lip balm doesn't want you to hear. and how many times has the vice president known the answer to final jeopardy while playing along at home? >> none, zero, none. i'm serious, it's true. >> and finally how tough was the application process to be greg gutfeld's new butler? and what does crawling through the mud have to do with sowfing drinks? money of these -- none of these stories on "red eye." >> i'm tom shaw


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